A little more about Mary Hollis

I knew that I loved to create since I was little,

What I didn’t know? How I was going to actually do that. I was just trying to figure it out like the rest of us.

Myers-Briggs personality type test to the rescue!

It turns out my “type” is a shoe-in for an outgoing creative personality who’s always loved working with her hands (ENFP, if you’re curious).

I'm an 80's baby,

who grew up in LaGrange, GA. A small town that sits near the Georgia/Alabama state line. so you’re definitely gonna hear a bit of a twang when I talk. 

When I was younger,

I played in every sport, danced in every recital, and played every instrument a child could dream of … I felt the most myself when I was creating.

A shoutout to a whole crew of 90s kids out there who allowed me to develop my artistic touch and create wild hair do’s and multi-colored mani/pedis, from my childhood bedroom salon.

After living out my childhood dream,

I stepped it up, studying cosmetology school near Auburn, Ala. (War Eagle!), and went on to style professionally in one of Atlanta’s most prestigious neighborhoods.

But something was still missing ...

The creative side. The "no work on the weekends" side. The "be my own boss" side.

I blame the pope!

A dear family friend visiting the Vatican shipped over some medals and charms blessed by the Pope himself—naturally, my creative juices took to stringing the beads into some fabulous bracelets.

And that laid the foundation,

for what The Callaway Collection is today. My pieces are to remind you that what makes you unique is what makes you beautiful.

Stay Beautiful,

Mary Hollis Callaway Langel