Tech | Custom Phone Wristlet

In this box, please leave the names, words, dates/numbers, or initials you want to ensure are included on your phone jewelry. I will tell you less is more! If you want more than one name, I suggest initials or the first letter of their name!

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(a small circle charm comes on each piece created. If you do not want one choose NO)


Tech | Custom Phone Wristlet

From $45.00 - $80.00


The phone wristlets are so fun to add to your phone and come in pretty handy.

All have somewhat of the same look. The colors will vary from piece to piece.

However, if there is a specific color or particular beads you would like more of in your piece, please leave it in the Additional notes. Otherwise, you will get a mix of random beads.

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Additional information

Main Bead Color:

Gold Filled Bead, Sterling Silver Bead

Letter Color:

White bead w/ black letters, Black bead w/ white letters, White Bead w/ gold letters, iridescent white bead w/ multicolor letters, Clear bead w/White Letters, Gold Bead w/White Letters, black beads with gold letters, None

Number Bead Color:

White Bead w/ Black Number, Black Bead w/ White Number, White Beads w/ Multicolored Numbers, No Numbers

Zodiac Bead:

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, No Zodiac Bead

Mickey Bead:

Yes, No

Peace Sign Bead:

Yes, No

Evil Eye Bead:

Yes, No

Rainbow Bead:

Yes, No

Star Bead:

Yes, No

Heart Bead:

Yes, No

Cross Bead:

Pyrite, White, Ivory, Turquoise, Pink, Red, Black, Navy

Butterfly Bead:

Yes, No

Flower Bead:

Yes, No


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Hey there! Please know when you shop with me, that each piece is made to order!

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Thanks for your patience and thank you for choosing me!

P.S. You are gonna love your piece!

Mary Hollis Callaway Langel